On finally running outside

I’ve heard numerous people joke that it’s taken this current global situation to finally get them to (fill in the blank here). Maybe it’s working on a passion project. Or cooking at home, since eating out is kind of a non-option these days. Or trying to read more.

For me, it has been going running outdoors — something I always declared was not for me.

I’ve always been a tidy, running-on-the-gym-treadmill sort of person.

But now the gym is closed. 

I’d frequently been told by outside-runners (like my husband) of the glories of running outside. Setting your own pace. Having the wind on your face, or better yet, the rain!

The rain? Blech.

And yet, now I’ve gone running in the rain. Not once, but twice. And I liked it. In spite of myself, I liked it.

In fact, I think I’m going to try to keep this up.

Running outside has been great not only physically (free tension relief!) but also mentally. Stepping outside and sprinting down the block has provided an opportunity to clear my mind after a day of sitting and working indoors.

As these days ahead continue to challenge you and probably also mess with your own mind, this is my advice for you.

What’s that one thing that you’ve been putting off, that’s sat in the back of your brain and that you’ve thought you might do “if you ever had the time”?

Well, my friend, I’d suspect you now have that extra time.

Take that opportunity now, and give it a try.

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